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The New Heights Academy, is a co-educational English medium public school, which aims to cilitate each student to reach his/her potential. We aim to develop each scholar to develop its optimum and reach their desired goals in life. We strongly believe in nurturing each child to be a sound individual - mentally, physically and spiritually.

Admission Open

The application deadline for the year 2022-23 is 30th April 2023. Late applications might not be accepted

We offer a number of exciting opportunities for students, including full-time and Summer Learning program as well as adult education courses.

Cultural Activities
Art And Craft Activities
Music and Dance Activities
Daadi Maa ki Kahaniyaan

Cultural Activities

The New Heights Academyy has a very rich and strong tradition of cultural activities including Indian Music, Western Music, Dramatics, Debates etc. Various festivals are celebrated in the Houses, School Temple and in the Campus.
All Houses participate in various categories of Indian music, Western music and stage a Hindi or English Play of about 30 to 45 minutes. The Plays are of a very high standard.

Other than Inter House Competitions, Musical programs are put up on other occasions such as Independence Day, Republic Day, and Prize Giving, festivals such as Holi, Deewali, Eid, Christmas and Janmashtami. The school students have made their own orchestra band.
Many different programs of Indian Culture and Music by well-known Artistes are also organized in the School.

Art And Craft Activities

Art is an important subject not only on its own but in the context of rest of education as well. We understand that experiencing and making works of art benefits students in their intellectual, personal and social development. Research studies point to strong relationships between learning in the arts and fundamental cognitive skills and capacities used to master other core subject, including reading, writing and mathematics.

The importance of art education is for us to evaluate ourselves on how we connect with our surroundings. Art plays an important role in almost all aspects of education, from creativity to interpretation to discussion to understanding design. Our Art and Craft Department is well equipped to unleash each child's inherent talent. Guiding them through various techniques and helping children achieve their aspirations.

Music and Dance Activities

Music serves as an aesthetic and an audio experience. This experience basically involves the mind in an appealing way with the help of sounds. Music is also regarded as an important part of curriculum.

Music is a true demonstration of traditions, community, culture, aspirations and accomplishments of human kind....for in music are embedded various custom, values and beliefs of the common man.

We offer Indian music that caters to both choral and instrumental music from the pre-primary to senior wings. We also have an own senior school rock band-The Renaissance Band-which performs in various school functions.

Daadi Maa ki Kahaniyaan

Stories are an essential part of human identity. Stories shared between grandparents and grandchildren leave a lasting impression of affection and values of our society on the growing minds. These benefits are most pronounced when grandchild and grandparent have an extended period of quality time together, when both can attune to each other's' interests, needs, and voice.

Unfortunately, with increasing geographic separation between families, these special moments are becoming rare. To rejuvenate this affection TNHA shaped up a programme called "DADI MA KI KAHANI". Every week a grandmother of our students or special guest is invited to the school and she narrates a story to our little ones.

Imran Siddiqui (Chairman -The New Heights Academy)

"Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, who don't rest on the laurels of the past"

When I watch kids walk into the building on their first day of school, I think about what I want them to be like when they walk out on their last day. I also think about what I want them to be like on the day I bump into them in the supermarket 10 or 20 years later....

Roychan Abraham (Principal - The New Heights Academy)

Destiny is not created by the shoes we wear; but by the steps we take!!

A very Warm Welcome to the New Heights Academy, Kairana, Dist. Shamli, Uttar Pradesh!
The first step towards achieving New Heights by the people of this remote town known as Kairana has already been taken and it can be seen in the form of New Heights Academy...